Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Easy run around Freeport...and Beach to Beacon

First, the Maine Multisports website has been updated and now includes an article I wrote a few weeks ago. Check it out. I am almost done my race report which will be posted both here and on the Maine Multisports website.

Took an easy lunch run of just over 5 miles around Freeport with Mike and Jim. No matter the weather or how tired my legs might be, joining these guys is a pleasure. The conversation is never dull as Mike sees fit to throw out topics sure to get us riled up, and Jim's sense of humor is a blast. Good guys to have as running buddies. The weather was hot and humid, but not too bad. My legs were pretty beat up from my two-a-day yesterday, but well worth it.

Tomorrow night we are off to secure Kelly's bib number for Beach to Beacon. I have babysitting duty at the finish line which suits me just fine. If I am going to be a spectator there is no better race than B2B to spectate. Although tonight Kelly started griping about not wanting to run and there is no way I will let her number go unused so I may run. Depends on if her griping is more than just pre-race jitters. Don't worry, I know enough make sure my time isn't recorded!

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