Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back in the saddle again!

Today I reintroduced myself to running after a week off and loved every mile. I loved it so much that I ran a double. I got out for my usual 5+ mile run at lunch, keeping at an 8:00 pace. It was hot and humid, but I ran with my buddy Mike and shared my thoughts on the future of trail running in Maine and forgot all about weather.

I then headed over to Twin Brook after work to meet up with the crew out there and I was fortunate enough to get introduced to some new runners. This is always a pleasure. We did almost 5.5 miles at an 8:20 pace which was plenty given the undulations out there. The conversation turned to Dean Karnazes and whether he was worthy of his Espy award. Jamie threw out some valid points as to why others might have deserved it, but I must say, Dean has two kids and a wife he is supporting and every stunt he pulls off, while not as pure as running the Spartathalon or winning Hardrock, benefits someone else that needs helps. God bless. Also, how many people has Scott Jurek, who I think is a rock star, inspired to run their first marathon? Go get 'em Dean!

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Jamie said...

I enjoyed the healthy and civil debate on DK with you. He definitely sparks some interesting conversations within the ultra community, to put it mildly.

Great job today on the double. I'm glad we're recovering quickly from Vermont. Glad also that you're doing the Stonecat 50. Training at Pineland should match that nicely.