Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Feeling good tapering.

Well, taper continues. I awoke this morning to the typical ghost pains that plagues runners during taper. Having gone through tons of tapers for past races I knew the "stress fracture" in my foot was nothing more than an overactive imagination.

So the foot is okay and I went for a nice 5-mile trail run out at Twin Brook park in Cumberland. I joined a great group of Trail Monster runners including my peeps James and Jamie who will be running the Vermont 100. A great time was had by all as we moved along at a nice 8 min/mile pace (in any typical training cycle this would be a pedestrian pace for me but having trained so many miles at my 100 mile pace this was a good clip). At any rate, a great run for taper.

My legs feel fantastic and I can say I have no alibi for a poor Vermont 100. I am healthy and happy and anxious for the starter's gun to fire. I am still fomulating race plans in my head but I suspect I won't know what I am doing for sure until I am sitting at my campsite at Silver Hill Meadow Friday night.


Jamie said...

The hour is almost at hand! Time to rock the Casbah.

Love2Run said...

Good luck Stephen. I can't imagine doing what you're about to do. All i can say is to hold back those powered up legs for at least the 1st 20 (50?) miles. Good luck!