Monday, July 16, 2007

Nice short stroll around Freeport...and weather

The countdown has begun. Five days to go time. I took a short stroll around my weekday training grounds of South Freeport with my L.L.Bean crew. We added a new member today which is always a great thing. New conversation, new perspectives. Good stuff.

The run today was an easy five done at a very conversational pace. Taking nice easy runs like this are the reason I am happy to be a runner. It was a beautiful, warm day (a little humid) and I got to spend roughly 40 minutes chatting it up with my buddies. Not a bad lunch break. Beats sitting at my desk playing with numbers. And tomorrow night I am off to Twin Brooks to run with the Trail Monsters. Can't wait.

My thoughts are constantly roaming to Vermont. I get butterflies thinking of miles 51-100. I have no idea what to expect and this is what makes this distance so awesome. And soon we'll know. Extended weather forecast for the weekend looks spectacular. Saturday highs in the mid-70s with scattered light showers. Perfect.

I am still playing my race plan a little loosey goosey. I definitely need to get something down on paper but I keep procrastinating. Once that is done I will feel much better.

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