Monday, July 30, 2007

Back at it...almost

Well, I have taken my longest break from running since probably last Christmas. I ran last Wednesday and since I have taken every free minute outside of work to hang out with my family. Given all the weekend mornings I was gone over the last six months while training, it was nice to wake up with my kids jumping in my bed, lazily roll downstairs for breakfast, and then head over to the beach for a day playing in the sand. Sunday I did have a nice workout in the form of towing my kids behind my bike for a couple hours. It is quite the challenge pulling 50 lbs. behind you - you get to use gears you typically never would think of going.

Tomorrow my plan is to get back on my routine. Hopefully I will be doing this at Twin Brook with the Trail Monster crew. I am looking forward to getting my feet moving again. Barely a week after finishing Vermont the ideas of which 100 is next are flying. Jamie was first in the ring with Umstead and I would love to join him but there are so many others I want to consider first. Ideally I would get lucky and chosen in the Western States 100 lottery and my wife would support me in this endeavor. I am thinking the lottery might be the easy part in this equation. Stay posted.

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