Monday, July 23, 2007

Feeling Great!

Woke up this morning feeling stiff but after a couple hours of blood flow I was able to bound up and down the stairs in my usual way. I must say I am amazed at how quickly I seem to have recovered. I truly feel like I could hit the pavement for some runs tomorrow. Definitely Pineland this weekend. Maybe a nice one with Kelly.

Already my ultra buddies, James and Jamie, along with myself, are contemplating the next 100. On the table for me is almost definitely the Vermont 50 and Stonecat 50. Probably not another 100 this year as I have to now turn to supporting my wife in her running endeavors. Is a marathon in her fall future...we'll see.

Now I am off to figure out what tattoo to get to commemorate my induction into the 100 mile club...a tradition I started post-cancer to document on my person each thing I do that I never thought I could do pre-cancer. So in addition to my Ironman tattoo I need a running tat. Also planned is something to celebrate my children...maybe their names entwined in a tree of life.

'Til tomorrow.


Jamie said...

Hey Stephen! I still can't stop thinking about the race. Congrats again! I'm having post-race GI issues, but otherwise I'm fine. Talk to you soon.

Blaine Moore said...

Glad to hear that you are mobile?

Does that mean you'll be at Twin Brooks this evening?

Anonymous said...

Keep me posted as to your Pineland plans. Katy and I would love to join you and Kelly for a nice slow pace around the trails.