Thursday, July 19, 2007

Circus Freak

Well today I realized how odd this "running 100 miles" thing is. The great people I work with decided to throw me a party to wish me well. It's not like I am moving on after 25 years with the company nor am I having a child. I am simply running another race. But my friends at work made me realize how special of a race distance this is and how absurdly insane I must be to try and run it. The party was a good old fashioned question and answer with the most entertainment coming from the almost inevitable loss of toenails a runner suffers during an ultramarathon. To all my coworkers, I promised a follow-up to that question.

Weather is looking fantastic for Saturday. I hope for good weather not only for myself and the other runners but for my family and the other friends and family that come out to cheer on the runners. We are almost packed and ready for a roughly 9 AM kickoff in the morning (and with a two toddler handicap, that really means 10 AM).

Next post will hopefully start something like this..."I was never happier to see a finish line than I was at 11:59 PM Saturday night as I crossed the finish line in just under 20 hours..."

Wish me luck!