Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nice late afternoon jaunt through Freeport

So today I repeated in one week what has not happened to me in my many years of running. I crossed train tracks in front of an oncoming train. It wasn't as dramatic as it sounds, but I cross train tracks literally on every one of my runs and I have never seen a training doing so. Saturday I was running in Cumberland and crossed the tracks with the lights flashing and today in Freeport I crossed the tracks within about 100 yards of a very slow moving train. Like the interpretation process after awakening from a very weird dream, I am trying to figure out what message the world is sending me after crossing paths with these iron beasts. What's it all mean?

Anyhow, my run went well. I missed the lunch hour run and sneaked out a little after lunch to run a 5.2 mile loop in 37 minutes, for a roughly 7:12/mile pace. I felt good and got some good time in away from my desk. Sometimes the deck can become stifling and all brain processes shut down. I really don't know how non-runners "rejuvenate" during the day. Humans were not built to sit on their rump facing a computer for 9-10 hours a day. So does that mean I work with superhumans? Count me out. I'll be out running.

Good news on bringing trail racing to Maine today. Hopefully this can be shared to all runners in Maine soon! Also, I was asked to do my first product testing for L.L.Bean today. New Balance is rolling out some new water resistant treatment for their shoes and are trying to sell them to L.L.Bean. I was asked to take a pair of these shoes and get 'em wet! No problem. Can't wait to put them through the Pineland/Bradbury Mtn. test.

And my find of the day: Showdown documentary following five elite runners as they prepare for and run the 2007 US Cross-Country Championship in Boulder. I do not have the DVD but I indulged myself of the very cool promotional clips. Check it out.

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Blaine Moore said...

Normal people go out and smoke a fag 10-12 times a day, seems to me.

I'll stick to the running.