Thursday, August 2, 2007

Cherished Support

Tonight I got a most excellent gift from my wife - her support to enter the Western States 100 lottery. I had been formulating a plan in my head since crossing the finish line at the Vermont 100 and had yet to reveal it to Kelly until tonight. I do recognize that with two kids, the training impact on me from long runs, night run, and sleep deprivation, as well as the challenge of the actual race, is nothing compared to what Kelly must endure as she waits for me to come home after every run while chasing around two young kids who are just coming into their own. Not to mention the challenge of supporting me on a race course while caring for these wild kids. She truly is a saint, as my friend Tyl noted.

The plan is to throw my hat in the ring for the lottery, to be drawn December 9. I have a 37-40% chance at getting an entry. If so, great. Training starts January 1. If not, training starts January 1, just for a different race. I am thinking the Massanutten Mountain 100 is a worthy back up. Mountainous and very difficult, as well as in my home state of Virginia. If I get into Western States 100, Kelly is planning on making the trip with me as a handler and a pacer (pleasant surprise) and we will leave the kids with family for a few days. This is our sick idea of some relaxing days away from the hustle of bustle of two kids - racing and crewing a 100 mile race. I would have it no other way!


Tom said...

You have quite life story and running story too. Great decision. Good luck in the lottery and keep us posted.

Kim said...

Good luck with the lottery!
I am entering also, just on the strange chance that I might be selected.

Blaine Moore said...

Congratulations, and good luck!

I think that that sounds like a great vacation; I am still trying to convince my wife about that though. Not that I run 100 mile races; I've been content until now with marathons.