Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Cool lunch run

Exciting news. This morning I mailed off my Western States 100 application. The lottery drawing is on December 1, so keep your fingers crossed until then. Until then I will have to dream and use my imagination to take a run through the Sierra Nevadas...

I was fortunate once again today and got our for a lunch run. I ran with Tom and Ethan and ended up doing a shorter run as we all had to get back for meetings. The run was 5.24 miles covered at a 7:38 pace. My heart rate average was a nice recovery rate of 146 bpm. All in all a very nice run.

I missed the Trail Monsters run out at Twin Brook tonight as I had family obligations. Maybe next week.

Tonight I am going to try and tackle a little more of my race story. I am no longer calling this a race report as I have never seen a race report of 10+ pages. Hopefully I will soon have something posted on the Maine Multisports website.

Until next time.

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Blaine Moore said...

It was a small crowd, although Chuck brought his dog and she had some fun kicking pebbles into my teeth. Cute puppy!

Good luck on your application.