Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Twin Brook Fun...and my first "Fun Find".

So I got stuck at my desk for lunch today, missed my noon run, and was forced (ha ha) to head over to Twin Brook for a trail run with the Monster crew. Ian and Emma were there, as were Blaine and Jim. There was one other runner whose name escapes me - sorry. We ran a 6-mile loop at just under an 8:30 pace. Yesterday I felt very under the weather, as if I was catching a cold, so I was ecstatic to get out tonight and feel so well.

Ian and I talked a little about our "secret" plan to bring trail running to the masses and discussed course and venue possibilities. My negotiations with the "corporation" is going well with one more meeting behind me today. We are getting closer and will hopefully have something to announce next Tuesday at Peak Performance when Ian and Jamie give their trail running talk.

I am hopeful my Vermont 100 race story will be done with editing soon. Time is hard to come by when you are working, trying to squeeze in runs of any distance, and loving your kids. It gets tricky and sometimes things have to get dropped to make time for the others. You really don't have the option of dropping kids or work, and running is what keeps all the bad stuff at bay, so the writing has to suffer. I am making more time for it now, after all these years of really wanting to get things on "paper". It is fun, even though I have no idea if anyone beyond my running buddies is reading this thing. If you are reading this and haven't posted a comment, let me know how I'm doing.

A new feature I would like to add to my blog is my "Fun Find" of the day. Today I would like to introduce a book that I have not read, but whose premise has fascinated me and which is now on order from Amazon. Alan Weisman's "The World Without Us" is unlike any book I have ever seen. The book asks and answers the question: how would the world react if the human presence was removed? While I am a huge fan of anything apocalyptic (with the exception of any actual apocalypse), this transcends the typical product of that genre. Good stuff. Check it out. And check back tomorrow for my "Fun Find"!


Jamie said...

Glad you guys had a good run at TB. Interesting premise for a book. Once I'm done with Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series (which also has a great apocalyptic theme) perhaps I'll check it out.

Blaine Moore said...

Michael Gage was the other runner; he is the masseuse at Maine Running Company.

Anonymous said...

I was just going to leave the same comment. I just met with Michael for a tune up on the leg muscles I pulled Sunday. He mentioned he ran with you folks at Twin Brooks last evening and I guessed he was the man with no name.

Anonymous said...

And for more background on Michael, he was inducted into the Maine Runners Hall of Fame in 2000. A better picture of him can be found here.

He stated today that he really enjoys trail running, so hopefully we will see him out and about with the Trail Monsters more often.

atrunaway said...

Just to let you know I have been enjoying you blog. I hope your Vermont 100 book in not done until I finish Harry Potter.:-)