Friday, August 24, 2007

Anoher quick one

Yesterday's run was another up tempo run alone with Ethan, albeit a bit slower than the previous day's run. Again the weather was perfect and we took advantage of it. We chose to run our old standby course which is the L.L.Bean 10K course, backwards. The first mile of the 6.4 mile run was at a 7:39 warm-up pace, with the next three miles at 7::11, 7:07, and 7:09. Ethan left me at mile 5 to extend his run (he has more forgiving bosses and he runs faster) but I was able to drop the pace over the next couple miles to 7:00 and 6:52 with the last 4/10 of a mile at 6:18. The run, which is typically around 6.1 miles was extended slightly around mile 5.5 as I run through a Freeport cemetery (amazing the names on the headstones in there - it seems like all the major Freeport/Portland family names are there) to enter the woods for a bio break!

It is hard not to take advantage of the great weather that we have been blessed with, although it is not to last as the warmer weather returns today. Which is fine by me as it means I will have at least one more weekend to spend on the water with my family. Today I am off from running as I have a work picnic to attend this afternoon. Tomorrow morning I am meeting James, Chuck, and Blaine to run the L.L.Bean Bradbury Bruiser 12 Mile course. We got a nice rainfall last night and it is supposed to rain a little early in tomorrow morning so it should be nice and muddy again. Can't wait!

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