Monday, January 14, 2008

Update to yesterday's post

(Disclaimer: My wife constantly tells me that my humor sucks and that I am so dry in the delivery of my humorous statements, or diatribes as you will find below, that I thought it best to first point out that what you are about to read is meant to be read as humor. Under no circumstances should anyone feel slighted by the words below.)

I want to address a comment left on my blog yesterday and correct a statement I made based on that comment.

Trail Monster Running was kind enough to read my report on Saturday's Bradbury run and leave a comment correcting a statement I made to the effect that Emma fell during Saturday's run. It is true that Emma fell. It is also true that Emma is a fantastically fast runner and her falling is by no means an indication of her capabilities as a runner, just simply an indication of how tough the conditions were. What is misleading from my blog is that there were others who fell, but none of them left a mark on me as Emma's did since I was told (but did not see) that she fell into a body of water that left her quite wet. As she was in a short sleeved shirt and wet and I was in a long and short sleeved shirt and dry and still cold, when I relayed Emma's fall to my wife Kelly later I got the shivers just thinking about it so I wrote it in my blog.

Okay, what is true is that Blaine had a magnificent blood-letting fall, Chuck fell as did a number of others which Trail Monster Running pointed out. While I did not fall Saturday (I did nearly), I have fallen so many times on the trails at Bradbury and have not hid that fact that I am not pointing out other's falls to make myself look like a non-faller (word?). I have done so to merely illustrate the fact that the run was tough. I apologize in all sincerity to Giant and Gnarls for singling out Emma. I bow to her prowess as a running Goddess and only wish I was as fast!

As to my running, I jumped on the treadmill last night (after a day of introducing my daughter to XC skiing) and knocked out a moderately paced 5.5 miles in43 mins. It felt like I was training for Badwater given the fact that my wood stove in the basement was kicking, making it feel like Death Valley at the summer solstice! I plan on another 6-7 miles tonight down there...maybe I should give the woodstove a break before I descend...

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Blaine Moore said...

I actually fell twice, although the second time was in snow and didn't hurt at all.

Can't say that the 1st time didn't hurt though. At least the rocks grabbed my skin through my tights and stopped me from continuing to slide - another 20 feet would have been even more detrimental to my health. Heheh.

As for Emma's fall, I don't know that it was so much a fall as the ice under her feet broke and she got submerged. And it wasn't like she wasn't already wet; unlike the rest of us she just barreled straight through the open water in spots.