Monday, January 28, 2008

Trading spaces with my wife

Treadmill / 7 miles / 53 minutes / 7:34 pace / no HR data

Treadmill / 6 miles / 47 minutes / 7:50 pace / no HR data

Kelly, my wife, has really stepped up her running lately. She's gotten motivated to tackle another fall marathon . This will be her third but first since our son Quinn was born. So now we are really bartering for running time. This usually means I get the late shift. Last night I got in a nice run after a somewhat humdrum day which was supposed to be about tackling home projects but I ended up creating more work than I solved (be careful to stay on the rafter when walking around your attic - ceiling drywall does not do well when subjected to 158 lbs of pressure). My knee is still a little sore but I am now focusing my rolling on the outside of my leg both above and below the knee.

Also of note last night was that we watched a pretty neat documentary on two guys who crossed the US on Segway. I work with a guy who know the filmmakers and he asked me to check it out and give him an objective view point. The movie is called "10 MPH". By signing up at an affiliated website, you can download or watch the flick for free. Or queue it in your Netflix. It paints a fun portrait of our still great country and has some great tunes.

Tonight I hit the treadmill again for a decent run. Sometimes I just don't feel like running, and tonight was one of those nights. My legs were sloppy and I just wanted off. However I did manage 6 miles and sometimes it is these runs we force ourselves to do that pay off big in the end.

This weekend's run in Cape Cod (Fat Ass 50K) is still up in the air as Jamie and check out health and overall status to run 50K. If we do go, I am ready for a great time!

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