Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pineland XC and a run

Today I was fortunate to get a "two a day" workout in. This morning my family headed over to spend the day at Pineland Farms to partake in the Winter Carnival being hosted there. I attended a ski waxing class while my kids headed over to the sledding hill for some fast and furious downhill time on plastic discs. After my class I headed to the waxing room and applied what I learned and then took my "new" skis out on the wicked fast snow we had this morning. My skate skiing is coming along, thanks largely to Monday's clinic and time on my skis. I got in a little over two hours of skiing on the River Loop and Gloucester Hill trails and enjoyed every minute of it. It is definitely nice to get a sweat going and a workout from something other than running some times. My kids also enjoyed their time on skis and on the carriage rides.

A couple hours after mid-day I was responsible for bringing Riley and Quinn back home for nap time while Kelly hung out with her Dad for some classical skiing. This worked out great as the kids were asleep in the car before we even got away from Pineland. I took advantage of this kid downtime when I got home by jumping on the treadmill for a 7-mile run which I completed in about 55 minutes. It is amazing how much a good movie will take away the pain of a hot run when you are tired. I am currently watching "Saving Private Ryan" on my runs and the battle scenes get the heart rate up and mind focused away from the whir of the treadmill belt. I felt good running with the exception of my outer left knee. Since my ski outing Monday, my knee has been tender to touch in a very localized area. I believe it is the attachment point of my IT band so I have been focusing my stretching and rolling on my IT. Hopefully this will help. I'll let you know.

And here's my To Do list for this upcoming week: check out flights to WS100 (!) and send in my cash for the Vermont 100.

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Jamie said...

Nice job on the workouts! We missed you today at Bradbury, but looks like you had some time well spent. I'll be booking my airfare out to WS in a few weeks. Let's keep each other posted on any deals we see.