Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Free at last, free at last!

I freed myself of my desk today and went for a run around South Freeport. Given the amount of work my team has I felt guilty, but the weather was just too nice to ignore and I haven't been out for quite some time. Despite the guilt, the run was fantastic. Tom joined at Noon and we ran a slightly modified 4th of July L.L.Bean 10K route in a nice 46:59, a 7:42 pace. The couple miles that the battery of my GPS lasted recorded a heart rate in the mid-140s.

The weather and work the rest of the week leads me to start mentally preparing to be back on the treadmill tomorrow and Thursday night. Get it where and when you can!

Conditions: Sunny, mid-30s, no wind
Time: 46:59
Pace: 7:42
HR: Mid to high 140s

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