Friday, January 18, 2008

Nice string of runs and Cape Cod 50K

So I've had a pretty good string of runs this past weekend and week, starting with Saturday's run at Bradbury. My first day off since then was today, which was unfortunate given the perfect weather we had today at lunch (although I hate seeing the snow melt away). Wednesday I resorted to an evening treadmill run of 5.5 miles in my basement "sauna". My evening treadmill runs typically follow a pyramid pacing scheme, where each mile is run progressively faster than the previous one until the last mile which I decrease each quarter mile to the end. Wednesday's average pace was just over 7:30 with my fastest mile a 6:40. I really don't mind the treadmill running and the really good thing about the heat down there is that it should get me acclimated early for pacing Jamie at Western States!

Yesterday's run was an easy 5.75 miles on the roads of Freeport at an average pace of 7:45 with a nice, controlled heart rate. I ran with Tom and it seemed he was chomping at the bit to get moving but he was kind enough to hang back with me. It was another perfect day to be out running. This weekend I will probably stay close to home and do some early morning runs. The 8:00 AM Bradbury runs get me home way too late and since I hope to get some Nordic Skiing in this weekend, I best be at home for my family at breakfast.

As for upcoming races, I may head down to Cape Cod for a Fat Ass 50K on February 2nd with Jamie. It will definitely serve us both well to get out for some long races together to work out any kinks for the big show at Western States. See below for details.

"The Cape Cod Ultrarunning Society will be hosting the 2nd annual Frozen Fat Ass 50 K at Sandy Neck in Barnstable, Cape Cod, Massachusetts on Saturday, February 2.

The course is two laps of a figure eight 15.7 mile configuration involving marsh trails, sand dunes, and beach on beautiful Cape Cod Bay. Do one loop for 25 K or finish the 50 k for an inscribed commemorative quahog shell. Potential difficulty factors include: soft sand, ice cold salt water that you might have to run through, snow, and bitterly cold winds with full exposure on the open beach. Last year was rather cold (about 12 deg F.), but the beach was fairly firm (frozen), the wind was light, and there was no snow and only a little water to run through. Conditions could be a lot tougher.

Directions: The entrance to Sandy Neck is on Sandy Neck Rd. off rte. 6A right at the Sandwich/Barnstable town line. For a map Google: "map of sandy neck beach" Google Earth gives a great view of the course area. Start time is at 7A.M. sharp in the parking lot. The time limit is 9 hours. No fee. Some food & drinks provided, plus donations to the aid station are welcomed. There is no race web site. For more information you can ask here, or call the race director Bob Jensen at 508-420-0561."

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Anonymous said...

Say hi to Pete Stringer for me. He is one of the ring leaders of the super secret Cape Cod Ultra Runners Society and a fellow Vibram FiveFinger officio.