Tuesday, January 8, 2008

T-shirt and shorts

Just got done with treadmill run. Why in the world would I run on the treadmill on a record-setting (?) day of weather? And I am not talking about record setting for cold but heat. Today's high was around 60 degrees with a glorious sun and I spent the day working over spreadsheets under artificial lights (but it was warm). It's budget season and work is busy so I had to settle on a machine to move me this evening. I also must admit I had to treadmill it yesterday due to a planned annual lunch out with the L.L.Bean running crew of Ethan Hemphill, Tom Tero, Jim Gott, Mike Simensky and ex-Beaner Sam Downing. It was a great lunch, and my lamb burger was much more pleasing than a run given how sore I was from the weekend's cross country workouts. Last night I ran 5.5 and tonight 5 miles, both at around a 7:30 pace. It is nice to be getting back in the groove and races are starting to appear on the horizon, including the Mid-Winter 10-Mile Classic in Cape Elizabeth.

One item of interest I wanted to pass on is information on a movie about marathoning that is scheduled for a viewing in select theaters on January 24th. Check out Spirit of the Marathon.

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Jamie said...

Treadmill or not, at least you ran. Hey man, you going to be at Bradbury this weekend? I'm planning on making a long run out of it if you care to join me.