Saturday, March 1, 2008

Road, Treadmill, and hopeful Fat Ass

Friday was a group lunch run at work. The whole gang was there: Jim, Ethan, and Tom. The run started off quick and got quicker (at least for what was supposed to be an easy run). The reason for the quick pace was the topic of conversation. Anytime our conversation centers around politics, drug testing in cycling, or even product merchandising at L.L.Bean, the pace creeps downward. Friday's run started in the low to mid 7s and quickly went sub-7 in the second mile without any of us really noticing. Ethan left us near the 3.5 mile mark to do his interval workout while the other three of us cruised in.

Friday's run stats: Upper Mast Landing, 5.69 miles, 41:35, 7:19/mile, Avg HR 149, Max 172

Today I slept in (awoke at 7 AM, so many may not consider this worthy of the "sleeping in" designation). We had received a pretty good amount of snow overnight and it was still coming down so I stayed in and had breakfast with the family. Around mid-morning I headed out for some shoveling of the snow. Great workout, especially since there is no where easy left to push the snow but over 6-7 feet high snow banks. I love snow, and it is part of the reason we moved up here, and I will love it even more tomorrow if I get out skiing, but I will not mourn it's passing this year. After shoveling I headed in and hit the treadmill. The run went well and all felt good. I am now looking forward to the morning's Trail Monster Running Fat Ass 50K. I am looking at doing 2 of the 3 offered laps, for a 21 mile day. We'll see how well the snowmobilers packed down the trail today and tonight.

Today's run stats: Treadmill, 9.5 miles, 1:14:40, 7:52 pace (seems real memory of the time might be off)

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