Sunday, March 9, 2008

Trip arrangements, VT 100, and Epic Treadmill

As rough as the week started, it sure ended well. The mid week runs on Wednesday and Thursday were mediocre at best, as I ran on the treadmill at work on Wednesday due to time constraints and weather and Thursday I ran an abbreviated run at noon with Tom. The runs measured 5 and 5.2, respectively, and found my pace near 7:30s. My stomach was still a little unsure of itself Wednesday but by Thursday I was back to my near 4,000-5,000 calorie a day diet. Gotta love high metabolism!

Friday I took the day off due to work and family commitments, but by Saturday I was right back on schedule. Kelly got a jump on me Saturday morning and took the AM shift for herself. That was okay by me as our daughter awoke us near 5 AM and was not interested in fulfilling our wish of sleep. By mid-morning I was itching to get outside and as I was prepping to hit the roads of Cumberland and my wife was getting the kids ready to help her run chores out of the house, my son decided he had had enough with wakefulness and really wanted his bed. So...I was called back in to hang out with my son as he napped. My wife and I had a date planned for later in the day through the evening, my only option was the treadmill. So downstairs I went. I love the treadmill. I really do. But when you have your sights set on an outdoors run, it is hard to run on a belt.

Anyhow, I started the run planning on doing only 12 miles. The plan was to run an easy first five miles, pick it up for the next 5, and cruise in the last 2. What actually happened was I ran an easy 5, a hard 7 at about a 7:15 pace, an then another surprise 6 at about a 7:35-7:40 pace, for a total run of 18 miles. After the first 12 I jumped off the treadmill to check on my son, who routinely naps a couple hours at a pop, and when I discovered he was still happily asleep and I had nothing better to do, I kept going. The run felt great and today I had no after effects. My ramp up to this distance has been less than ideal but my consistency has been good and my strength is high, so I felt okay going this distance. And tonight I got in another easy 5-miler to stretch things out and I felt good.

Saturday's stats: Treadmill / 18 miles / 2:17:00 / 7:36 mile

Other great news. I booked my airfare to California to fulfill my pacing duties for Jamie Anderson. I am all set to arrive in San Jose, CA to meet my best bud Danny, who lives out there, and we are going to head over to Yosemite or some other natural wonder blessed by God out West for a couple days before the race. I am then heading home on a red eye Monday night. I am really looking forward to this trip and feel absolutely honored and blessed than Jamie chose me to help him. Other good news. I am now an official registrant in the 2008 edition of the Vermont 100. Please note: my name has been misspelled for the second year in a year. Last year the VT 100 crew listed me as Stephens Wells, which really tripped the announcer at the awards banquet. This year I am Stphen Wells, so I guess I have a little Swedish or other Norther European thing going on. I think I will try getting that corrected.
Finally, I am thinking of adding a race to schedule: the Eastern States 20-miler on Sunday, March 30th. If anyone would like to join me, let me know.


Blaine Moore said...

Eastern States is a lot of fun, I ran it last year. I'll probably try to work it into my schedule again next year, but I'll be in Atlanta to run the ING Georgia Marathon that day so I'm out for this year.

Anonymous said...

We are going to have to chip in to buy you one of those new-fangled treadmills capable of negative inclines so you can simulate those awesome downhills at WS.