Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ready to roll...and Emily LeVan interview

I am back at it, almost 100%, but running again. Monday and Tuesday I took it easy on the treadmill and today I hit the roads to face the sleet storm we were/are getting slammed by.

Monday's treadmill run was slow, really to test my upper respiratory system. I came through it with minimal hacking and felt pretty good.

Monday stats: Treadmill / 5 miles / 43:50 / 8:46 pace

Tuesday's run was a little quicker but still a little on the easy side. I did increase the distance and felt almost normal.

Tuesday stats: Treadmill / 6 miles / 46:30 / 7:45 pace

Today I took a solo run around Freeport. I headed up Route 1 North past the L.L.Bean Retail store and hung a right on Upper Mast Landing Road to Lower Mast Landing Road and back to my office. With the exception of the almost two miles on Route 1, this run is beautiful with water views for a good portion of it. The pace today was much quicker, back to my normal up tempo pace, with some sub 7s mixed in with some low 7s. The pace wasn't intentional but more fueled by a desire to get out of the sleet and snow that was wreaking havoc on my exposed face. And tomorrow is the first day of spring...

Today's Stats: Upper Mast Landing / 5.7 miles / 40:31 / 7:06 pace / 151 Avg. HR / 173 Max HR (This HR average is much better than my last tempo run right before I got sick - I should have known something was up with the high reading last week.)
Splits: 1 - 7:15, 2 - 7:11, 3 - 6:51, 4 - 7:09, 5 - 7:14, 6 - 6:51

Last week my buddy Blaine, of interviewed elite marathoner Emily LeVan, whose fundraising I wrote briefly about last week. Check out the interview if you can. You can also download it as an mp3 for iPod listening, making it the perfect companion for a long run! The interview can be found at the link above or this one...

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Blaine Moore said...

Glad you are feeling better, what a great day to get back outside.

It actually wasn't too bad in Portland at lunch time when I went running, but I wouldn't have wanted to be out there a couple of hours later.

And thanks for the mention on the interview!