Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Beautiful day for a run and the L.L.Bean 4th of July 10K

After last week's running with no days off, I took the liberty of rest yesterday and felt great today for it. I joined Ethan for the first part of his interval run. We had a pretty deep, existential chat as we made our way over to South Freeport. The weather was great, with a slight chill in air, which contributed to the nice, up-tempo run I found myself doing on the black, sandy Freeport roads. The run turned out to be a nearly perfect negative split run and I felt strong the entire time.

Run Stats: South Freeport / 44:56 / 6.3 miles / Avg HR 156 bpm \ Max HR 183 bpm
Splits: 1 - 7:44, 2 - 7:19, 3 - 7:14, 4 - 6:59, 5 - 6:49, 6 - 6:51, Last 0.3 - 6:42

Also, consider signing up now for the L.L.Bean 4th of July 10K. Besides supporting a great cause in the Casco Bay YMCA kid's scholarship program, you get a great looking technical t-shirt and a pair of New Balance Running Shoes (the 1062, which is a top of the line, neutral shoe which retails at $110). The price of the race: a measly $17. This is truly one of the best deals going and it's a great race. Please note that only the first 500 registrants who sign up by May 15th will get shoes. Sign up through me or on Active.com.


Jamie said...

Wow, that is a bargain! I would love to volunteer at the race, so count me in for that. I always hear awesome things about this event.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up. Katy and I signed up the morning of the race last year and had a blast. We ran moderately slow and just enjoyed the mighty fine weather and the awesome scenery on this course. As with you and your speedster buddies, I am blessed with being able to run this loop often as it is part of our 18 and 20 mile training loops.