Sunday, September 2, 2007

Lazy Vacation

The past two weeks have seen me develop a terrible running habit...a habit of not running. Last week work took precedence and this week it appears that vacation is going to furlough me a bit more. No worries because we can all use some time off now and then.

Friday I was able to sneak in a run with a buddy from work, Jim Gott, who is in training for the Bradbury Bruiser 12 Mile Trail Race. He's never done a technical trail race, so this race will be his introduction, as we hope it will be for many others. I planned my run to end with a pass by the L.L.Bean store to pick up a monogram order I had left for my new niece. That was the last time my running shoes have seen pavement.

Tomorrow we are heading to Williamsburg for a few days to visit Busch Gardens and to tour Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown (400th Anniversary). We love visiting this place and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and different vacation. Kelly and I did pack our double jogger and plan on getting in some "historic" runs while visiting. I also love running in new places like this. Running through neat places like this during the early morning provides a unique view and perspective while allowing you to cover lots of area in a short amount of time, all while burning the calories you will likely be adding in abundance later in the day. One of my favorite vacation runs was during a visit to Savannah, GA in early spring last year. I was able to run through all twenty-one of Savannah's existing squares. If you ever make it down there please give yourself the pleasure of running these things. Too cool. Alright, I'm off. To my friends in the north, enjoy the cool running weather. I look forward to running with you soon.

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