Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm back

I'm back...both to Maine and to running. Vacation served as a forced break from running. It was nice to spend the mornings waking with my family and saved me from dehydration in the hot, humid weather of VA. I really don't know how I ever ran down there when I lived there. Maybe that is why I never got serious about running until moving to Maine.

I did get a couple runs in during our stay in Williamsburg. Kelly and I took the kids out both mornings we were there in the jogger for a little colonial running tour. It was very cool running through the streets of the very cool living history museum that is the streets of Williamsburg in the early morning. The only people about town at that time are the workers in their colonial garb on their way to their jobs as carriage driver, ox cart driver, blacksmith, or wheelwright. Very cool. With the heat and the kids, we got in a couple runs in the 3.5 mile range. Just perfect to get the day going.

Since being back I have run a couple days. Yesterday I ran a 6.2 mile course around Freeport in a low 7:00s pace and today I knocked out 5.5 with Ethan (cut off at the 4 mile mark to add some distance and speed), Tom, and Jim, all of whom are running the Bradbury Bruiser 12-miler. Speaking of which, I am heading out at 7 AM Saturday morning to run the course with a couple others who are new to the trails and who are running the race. Let me know if any of you who are reading this want to join us.

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