Thursday, September 27, 2007

L.L.Bean Trails and The Onion

I snuck out of work today mid-afternoon to get a much needed run in, especially after last night's glutinous participation at the Cumberland Fair. The extra few pounds and cholesterol points I added were worth the fun Riley had. Despite the nutritional misdirection of last night, the run today was great. I hit the LLB trails once more and added a little loop to the typical 4+ miler we have done the last couple times... and I didn't get lost! The ground was still a little wet from last night's showers so I took out my wear tester shoes to check them out and once more I confirmed that these are shoes I would never recommend anyone ever buying. The run itself was great. I ran just under 5.25 miles at a 8:00/mile pace with an average HR of 156 (due to some of the nice hills on the course). This run was just what I needed and it served me well.

I received a call from my buddy James today regarding a friend of his who was just diagnosed with the same cancer I had. Her situation was the same as mine in that the cancer has progressed so far that she started chemo immediately after diagnosis without any time of reflection. This is tought but for the better. Cancer is a life changing thing and her life will be so enriched by the experience. My prayers go out to her and I ask you all to do the same. Her name is Candace. James asked me if I would be willing to talk to her and give her some support. This is the privilege and duty of cancer survivors. Hopefully I can help.

On a separate note, I am currently working on a new blog which will not only focus on me as a runner but on me as a cancer survivor and dad. These are the two things that truly propel me forward daily so I feel like I should incorporate them more. The Ultraflash thing just isn't me. It's time for a different costume. I hope to introduce the new blog with my race report...which I promise is coming.

Below is a brilliant Onion News Network report on the 80-year African American boycott of L.L.Bean. Enjoy.

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Jamie said...

Ha ha ha! Funny video! And cool idea about the blog. I've always admired how you balance training, work and family life. I bet it'll serve as a great inspiration for others. See you soon!