Monday, September 24, 2007

Nice evening run

Work has been tough lately and kept me chained to my desk. Not ideal but reality. Today was particularly difficult and I really needed a run so after picking up the kids and arriving home, Kelly was kind enough to let me go run while she cooked. She's a saint as trying to prepare dinner with two highly energetic and mobile toddlers is difficult to say the least. She managed and I got my run in. The temps were in the mid-60s with clear skies and a beautiful full moon. I went out fast with a moderate pace at 7:30/mile which progressed to a couple 6:40s and 6:50s for an average pace of 6:50 over the 5.5 miles I covered. I would be lying if I said this felt good as I found it somewhat taxing tackling the hills the last couple miles. It was nice though to log some miles. Tomorrow I hope to post my VT race report. I know you all are biting your nails in anticipation (joke) but it's coming!

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