Thursday, May 1, 2008

L.L.Bean Trails and Pineland

So I am back from vacation and already miss the warm weather. Tomorrow I am heading out early in the AM for a long run to work and the temps are planned in the mid-30s,a far cry from the mid-60s I was running in last week. Regardless, I am looking forward to a nice, early AM jaunt to start the day. Not a bad way to save some petrol.

Unfortunately, last week I missed my goal of 10-milers everyday, by a long way. I did get in a couple good 10-milers and a shorter 5-miler (although a profitable $$$ one). Frankly, I got bored of running on a flat beach. If you would have asked me a couple weeks ago if I thought I could ever get bored of running on the beach, I would have laughed at you. Now I know how much I enjoy the woods of New England.

This past week I got back to the woods. Yesterday and today I hit the trails behind L.L.Bean's corporate HQ for some fantastic, yet wet, runs. The rains from earlier this week left the trails quite waterlogged but very passable. It was quite nice to break up the road runs.

As stated above, my runs last week tapered off after the initial couple 10-milers with a single 5-miler. I found myself not wanting to take any more time away from the family time that is way too rare with both my wife and I working full time jobs. So I slept in and spent the mornings and afternoons with the kids. The one 5-miler I did get in netted me a nice Benjamin that I found washed up in a jetty, and which I distributed to my bar mates later that night. After Thursday and a 17 hour drive over the weekend, my next run was on Monday. I have got a run in each day this week, with one day spent on the treadmill and a couple days spent in the woods. Tomorrow I head out for a road run to work and then Saturday I am planning on running Pineland for the first time this season. I'll be out there at 5 AM if anyone is bored and needs something to do.

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