Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Run and a headache

I was lucky enough to get out early this morning for a 10.6 mile run. My goal was to get in 10 miles a day this week but I blew that by missing yesterday. We hit a piano bar Sunday night and had a little too much fun, so I had little motivation for fitness. This morning's run was good but started tough. After about a mile I developed a headache in the back of my head that just would not go away for the entire run. I was able to largely shelve the discomfort and enjoy the run on the beach. For the first half I ran on the sand and enjoyed the ocean's early morning symphony. The second half was spent on the beach road for the trip home. Most of the run was spent at or just below a 7:00 pace, with the last couple miles near 6:45. Given the flat terrain, this pace was quite easy. Having said that, I am looking forward to Pineland's undulations!

Today's stats: Garden City, SC / 10.6 miles / Time 1:15:27 / 7:08 pace

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