Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Shorts...and spring!

Following Saturday's run of 24 miles, I hit the treadmill Sunday night for a moderately paced 7 miler and then got out doors Monday during lunch. What was special about Monday's run was that I wore shorts. It felt so good to be running out of doors unencumbered by tights. The temps were great and the sun did its job perfectly. Monday's run featured my entire L.L.Bean crew: Ethan, Jim and Tom. Mike is still rehabilitating his knee but he did start running last week after months off and he will hopefully be back on the roads sometime this summer. The conversation was good and centered around weekend training and upcoming races. Jim and I are both doing the Pineland Farms Trail Challenge (Jim's first ultra) and the Mount Washington Road Race ("only one hill"), so a bunch of our conversation is centered around these events.

Monday stats: 5.6 miles / 42:06 / 7:28 pace / no HR (missing since Saturday's run)

Tuesday I took off and rested my legs. I am still in a building phase so 50 mile weeks still requires my respect; that means rest days. Today was another beautiful day and I once more sunned my legs. I joined Jim for a run that largely mirrored Monday's run.

Today's stats: 5.2 miles / 39:05 / 7:33 pace / no HR (still)

The last week of great weather has been kind to the greenery on our run. It is great to see something more than snow. As spring refreshes the world, it also remotivates my running. I can't wait for those early morning long runs on the weekend. Pineland closed its trails to skiers last week and now it is only a matter of time until the trails belong to the Trail Monsters!

Upcoming this weekend is another long run on Saturday at Maine Roasters Coffee. I am planning on joining Ian, et. al. for another run on the roads. That is if the weather holds out. Life comes at us in cycles as does the weather. For all these great days, we have to pay for them sometime and it looks like payday is Saturday. Rain and a high in the upper 30s is forecasted. If that is the case, I might choose the treadmill. I like to suffer and willingly subject myself to painfully long runs, but I have limits. Rain and cold is a recipe for serious suffering so we'll play it by ear. On the more exciting front, I have a tattoo appointment Saturday afternoon and a week later we will be sitting on a beach in South Carolina!

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