Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Saving gas...and another tattoo?

The first half of this running week has gone well. I took off Sunday for Mom's day, which allowed me to get up and cook breakfast for the family and then take the kids to watch Mom run the Mother's Day 5K in Portland. As she always does, Kelly barely broke a sweat and smiled the entire time.

Monday's run was quite easy and done with the boys at work. We hit the L.L.Bean 10K course at and extremely pedestrian pace, clocking in 6.1 miles in 47:36 (7:46 pace), nothing spectacular. We were all quite tired from the previous weeks running/racing. Yesterday I got out sans technology so I have no idea for how long or how far I ran. The primary goal was to deliver a number of packages to the post office to receive postage. It's always rewarding to perform chores without having to burn gas...and I got a good workout in to. I continued the run after the post office drop for a total run somewhere near 5.5 miles in near 37-38 minutes. It was a quick run, aided by the stop at the post office after the first mile.

Tuesday night I biked home from work (my first time on the bike since last summer) so I could run in this morning. The bike ride was done at near 70 degrees while this morning's run started off in the mid-30s. A little chilly for mid-May but it quickly warmed up. The run was 12 miles in a nearly identical time as last Friday's run, 1:32:00, a 7:38 pace. My plan is to repeat this bike home, run to work tomorrow. It works out well and also reduces my gas expenditure. I recommend everyone try it. This regimen will fix what ails us all.

And tonight...there is another tattoo in the family. But it is not ink in my skin but my wife Kelly's. She lived up to her part of the bargain and got a Tree of Life tattoo, like me, but with a very feminine touch to it. Jen at Sanctuary Tattoo here in Portland did it. Great work from a very cool woman. Check out the photo.

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