Monday, May 26, 2008

All Prize Winners

This weekend was a good racing weekend for the Wells family. On Sunday I once again claimed the title of "Lawn Boy" at the Pineland Farms Trail Challenge 50 Miler. This is the title given to the 34 and Under age group winner. I have come to love this title as this is my third year straight winning this award. Next year I will have to relinquish this title; I become old at 35. (Pineland race report to follow shortly.)

More exciting was Kelly and Riley's performance at the Cumberland Memorial Mile and Half Mile. Riley ran the half mile for the first time and placed 3rd in her age group!!! Check out the results for the Cumberland Memorial Mile. (Note that 1st and 2nd place in her age group were 4 years old!) She won an ice cream cone for her effort. Expect great things from this little runner. And like her mother, she was smiles the entire time. Next up was Kelly in the Mile. It has become quite a Memorial Day tradition that Kelly brings home a pie from this race. Today was no exception. She won her age group and we feasted on a strawberry and rhubarb pie!


Jamie said...

Awesome! Congrats to Kelly and Quinn, and you as well Lawn Boy. :-) Look forward to the race report.

mindy said...

Congrats to the prize-winning Wells fam! Great race on Sunday, can't wait to read the report.