Saturday, February 9, 2008

Treadmill and Pulks

Today was a great day. I awoke early and hit the treadmill and got in 12 miles. My goal was to get my run in and join my family for breakfast, but I was a little too slow for their hungry bellies. The run was good but I was slow to get going. I think I was still asleep the first couple miles as my brain tried to catch up with my body. I have experienced this feeling a number of times on early morning runs - fuzzy vision and a disbelief of what you are asking of your body. But soon enough the blood sugar rises and you know the only way to finish is to accept what you are doing and look for the good. All in all I felt strong and got in a good run.

Run stats: Treadmill, 12 Miles @ 7:45 per mile

Around mid-morning we all headed out for some snow shoveling and post-storm clean-up. Kelly pulled the kids around the yard in the toboggan while I did the chores. Around 10 AM Boo Boo showed up for her day with Riley. Boo Boo had got Riley and herself tickets to Disney's Princesses on Ice. So after Riley left, Quinn headed off to Pineland with Mom and Dad for some Nordic Skiing. After all the snow we just got, it would have been a shame to not take advantage of it. We rented a pulk (sled) to pull Quinn around the trails. Things went as planned as he fell asleep 10 minutes into the adventure and slept almost the entire two hours we were out there. Pulling a pulk is definitely adds another level of fitness to cross country skiing, so to all my fitness buff childless friends, feel free to borrow my kids. Just let me know.

Ski stats: 2 hours \ Oak Hill Loop and Campus Loop \ Handicapped by ~ 35 pounds of child and pulk \ best time skiing all year



IronMatron said...

Just found your blog. Nice job at the 10 Miler! I just ran that one too. Wish I could say my race went as well as yours...

Jamie said...

That pulk is awesome! Really cool! And 12 miles on the treadmill to boot. Definitely a good day.

UltraFlash said...

Thanks for comments on the Mid Winter Classic (ironmatron) and the pulk (Jamie - I invite you to come skiing anytime and pull Quinn!!!).