Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Recovery and treadmill

Recovery from Sunday's race

Treadmill / 6 miles / 46 minutes / 7:40 pace / no HR data

Treadmill / 5.5 miles / 42 minutes / 7:38 pace / no HR data

Monday I awoke to some tight hip flexors from Sunday's race. I was quite happy with my performance and bore the soreness with some pride knowing I gave the roads of Cape Elizabeth all I had. I took the day off for some recovery. Funny enough my left knee, the one that has been bugging me for a couple weeks felt the best it has in weeks, and it is still feeling great.

Yesterday and today I hit the treadmill in the evening. Both runs were at a nice pace and all felt well. There is still some tightness in the groin area and my right knee (yep, the other knee) seized up about four miles into the run and was quite painful for a half mile but it worked it's way out as quickly as it came. So all is well again.

I thought I would include a Google Earth map (what a cool program) from Sunday's race. Thanks for the help Jamie. I was having an issue running the program and saving images but realized I needed to update my graphics driver (lost when I blasted my laptop a couple months ago). Now I am ready to go. I also wanted to throw out a big thanks to James Demer for volunteering at Sunday's race. Thanks for the flag work, James!

One more thing. I recently finished a work of fiction on the sport of biathlon, which unfortunately is woefully unappreciated in this country. It is called "A Medal of Honor" and can be found at L.L.Bean. I'm not plugging my company, this is truly about the only place you can find this book. This is no indication of how good this book is, only how ignorant this country is of the sport of Nordic Skiing and Biathlon. Check it out. Good stuff. One interesting thing about the author, John Morton, is that he is a XC ski trail designer and is the designer behind the trails at Pineland.

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