Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Some good runs

The last couple days runs have been good. Both days I was able to get out at lunch and enjoy the nice temps and good company of my fellow L.L.Bean runners. Yesterday's run was on the relaxed side as none of us felt particularly strong. But just getting out to run is always a good thing and yesterday was no exception.

Stats: South Freeport, 47:37, 6.27 miles, 7:35/mile, Avg HR 142

Today's run was a different story. While the temps were mild at around 35 degrees, there was some mixed precipitation (primarily light rain) to deal with but all in all it was a perfect day for a tempo run. It was me and Ethan the first few miles and then he peeled off to get in his tempo workout which is done at a pace much quicker than mine. Before he turned up the speed he decided to stop and stretch a little bit and I kept moving. At this time I decided to start my tempo workout which started at around a 6:50 pace. Not speedy but really not slow either. Well, it wasn't fast enough hold off a stretching Ethan for long. I probably got 300-400 meters on him before he started his workout and it took him no time to pass me by as if I was a spectator in a race. Flying. Anyhow my run went on and I was able to clock some really good negative splits while keeping my average HR in check and my max really low considering the pace I was running. Also, the backside of this course presents a good mile+ long uphill (see elevation chart below), which presents quite a challenge to keep a HR low while increasing pace. So today was a good day of running.

Stats: Upper Mast Landing, Freeport, 40:05, 5.69 miles, 7:02 avg. pace, Elevation gain/loss +378/-378, Avg. HR 150, Max HR 179
Splits: 1- 7:36, 2 - 7:06, 3 - 7:11, 4 - 6:54, 5 - 6:47, 6 - 6:37

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