Monday, December 10, 2007

Number 65 and Treadmills

So I made it onto the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run waiting spot number 65. While I am still positive, this deep spot has left me with a little doubt. Originally I was hoping I would be somewhere in the top 25, at least in the top 38 which is the number of the last wait list entrant that got to run the race last year. No such luck but that is okay. One cool thing is that the MMT 100 race board instituted this year is a full refund policy through January 29, so maybe that will incent some entrants to remove their name sooner so those on the waiting list have a better idea of their status. Either way, I plan on training like I am going to run it and either end up running it or be in real good shape to pace Jamie at Western States and for the 20th running of the Vermont 100. As long as I am still healthy and running and all my family is healthy, what and where I run is of little importance.

As for my training, last week was really good in that I broke the treadmill barrier and ran on the machine. Each winter it takes some work to convince myself the treadmill is a necessity and the snowstorm last week did just that. I am lucky enough to have a nice treadmill in my basement that gets a lot more use than the typical home treadmill that serves as a drying rack. I do enjoy the consistency of the treadmill which allows me to run intervals and other workouts without much guessing. Also, it keeps me close to home so I can help with the kids if Kelly needs me. I do admit it takes a certain type of runner that can happily run on the treadmill, and I count myself as that type of runner. Besides, there aren't many better ways to build mental fortitude for distance running than running three plus house in one spot. I do admit to having done a great number of 2-3+ hour treadmill runs and I am not ashamed to say so!

One thing that does help pass the time on the treadmill for me and which motivates me is a great flick to watch. I typically choose those movies that Kelly prefers not to watch. For me that means either Zombie or sci-fi/fantasy flicks. Last week I watched, for the second time, Night Watch which is a Russian movie in the vain of The Matrix. Check it out. Night Watch is the first installment of a trilogy (like The Matrix), the second of which is entitled Day Watch. All you sci-fi/fantasy geeks would be served well by checking these movies out. Enjoy.

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Jamie said...

Nightwatch looks right up my alley. Just added it to my Netflix! Won't be able to make it to Twin Brooks tonight, but let's try to get together this weekend.