Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Two Time Loser

(Jamie After his successful lottery)
I am a two-time loser, and not in the Western States 100 good way. Saturday I was not one of the 360 or so fortunate ones chosen in the Western States 100 lottery. My chances were 16% and luck was not on my side. My buddy Jamie (pictured left) was one of the lucky ones. In fact, he was one of the first 20 drawn. Unbelievable. I am of mixed opinion as to how I feel. On the one hand, I am really disappointed because running Western States is on my running life list. And one never knows what time will bring in the way of health, fitness, and life. On the other hand, I am really okay with what happened. This will allow me to take the experience of a couple more 100-milers into the WS 100 when I am finally drawn. This will go a long way in getting me the coveted silver buckle. Also this saves me quite a bit of money. Good thing. Now I am a first time WS100 loser. One more failed lottery drawing in 2008 will guarantee me an entry into the 2010 running. That is as long as the two time loser rule remains in effect. The way the number of entries is rising big changes are inevitable in the entry system of the WS100.

Now missing out on the WS100 lottery Saturday made me a one-time loser. Why have I labeled myself as a two-time loser? Well, during our lottery party Saturday I had convinced other one-time loser, James Demer (pictured right), to run the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 with me. After some coaxing and browbeating, he agreed. Fast forward to today. The MMT 100 registration opened today and filled up in an hour! That's right, one hour. If you happened to be working today at 10 Am and maybe in a meeting until 11:30, you would have missed getting in...so I am not on the MMT 100 list. James Demer is on the list and I feel terrible that I let my friend and running buddy down. When I went to register at lunch and saw the race was full, my stomach dropped. I still can't believe it. So I am a two-time loser. While the Ultra Gods shined on Jamie this week (Jamie's phrase), they took a poop on me. All is not lost though. There is a waiting list and I mailed in my application for that process today. Last year those on the waiting list faired well, so I feel pretty good. I am going to train as if I am running the MMT 100 and be in really great shape for the 20th Anniversary of the Vermont 100. So this week starts my 100 mile training. Since we have been socked in by a pretty good snowfall yesterday, I hit the treadmill. More on that tomorrow.

(On a separate note, while perusing the Vermont 100 website, I noticed they have posted split time results for the 2007 race. Pretty cool.)

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Jamie said...

A ceremonial dance and sacrifice of a goat will be performed to persuade the Ultra Gods to get you into the MMT100. Have hope, my friend. I have a really good gut feeling you'll be getting in.