Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Some good runs and two days

So the countdown is on to the Western States 100 lottery drawing with just over two days to the drawing. We are having a lottery party here to hopefully one of us getting in. The involved parties are myself, James Demer and Jamie Anderson. While the chances are low, I am still feeling good that all three of us could get in. If not, there is always next year. Regardless, there is a 100 miler in my future next spring! Going to VA in May for the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 wouldn't be the worst thing. The last couple months have been somewhat uninspiring from a running perspective. After all the training for the Vermont 100 I was left feeling a little burned out. I am now ready to get back at it. Saturday will be good in that I will then have a goal race on the horizon and training once more will have a purpose beyond fitness maintenance.

The last few days have been good in that I have been able to get out for some mid-day runs. Monday I ran with Ethan, Jim and Tom for just over 6 miles at a 7:30 pace while maintaining an average HR of 159. At this point in my training/fitness, this was a great tempo run. Yesterday Tom and I went out for just over 5.5 miles at a similar pace to Monday at an average HR of 147. Today was great in that I hit the trails, and by hit, I mean hit. After Monday night's rain, the trails behind work are a little wet. While making a little turn, my Nike Frees (terrible choice for trails, but that's all I had) failed me and I hit the mud. Jim was supportive but I am sure he was dieing laughing inside. Good run at a moderate pace. The 5.1 mile run was done at an 8:45 pace (given the unsteady footing and ups and downs and turns of the trails) at an average HR of 139. Hopefully tomorrow will grant me the time to get out as well. As far as the weekend, I have family in town which means running may not be possible, but Sunday I am on the fence on the Jingle Bell Run in Freeport. We'll see.


Jamie said...

I think I'm on the same mindset with goals as you are. Looking forward to knowing which 100 I'm doing next so I can start training with a purpose! See you Saturday, looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Nike Frees? Sounds like a nice shoe for wet leaves and mud. Not!

Glad to hear you are out and about. Hopefully I can run those trails with you at some point. I still am not sure where I took a wrong turn last time I was out there.