Sunday, November 11, 2007


I missed my run this morning. Today was the first time I have been a no-show at a run where I said I would be. I have all the usual excuses that I usually shelve once the alarm goes off and I start getting ready for the run, but this morning they got the better of me. The usual suspects are later to bed than planned, a fussy child in bed with us who never stops moving the entire night, too cold, and just plain tired. As I noted in an earlier post, work has been getting the better of me and leaving me feeling beat up. So I took this morning off. Besides, soon enough there will be another 100-miler looming on the horizon to start training for and that is when the excuses will be ignored. In just three weeks the drawing for the Western States 100 will take place and I will know if that is where I will be running in late June. Until then, I think I will enjoy my time in bed with my kids on these marginal days!

Unfortunately, I left my buddy Chuck hanging this morning, and for that I am sorry. It seems like he had a great run. Also of note, my friend Ian ran a successful Stone Cat 50-miler today and his wife Emma actually won the women's title in the trail marathon. Congratulations to them. That is one race I really was hoping to get in on but things at home built up that need attending to after a couple weekends of family from out of town.

On a cool note, I got over to L.L.Bean's Winter Sports Festival yesterday and was able to spend a little bit of time on the air rifle (laser equipped) at the Maine Winter Sports Center's booth and had a great time. I am looking forward to checking out Biathlon this winter and especially some of the run/rifle biathlon's in Southern Maine next summer. Cheers.

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Anonymous said...

Not a problem and glad you caught some extra Zzzzzs. I was not up for any fast running, so being alone on the course allowed me to stop and smell the roses.