Thursday, October 4, 2007

Twin Brook, LLB Trails, and Thanks!

First, thanks for all the great comments and nice remarks about my VT 100 race report. I am quite pleased that you all enjoyed the read, or at least told me so. You are all very kind. If you would like to read it again or read some other great endurance news, check out the Maine Multisports website.

This week has allowed me to run pretty consistently, unlike the previous few weeks. Tuesday night I met the Trail Monsters at Twin Brook for a nice run just shy of an hour. The first half of the run was on the Craig Cup route (bottom right of photo). This is a great cross country course with some excellent undulations which leaves your heart bursting. This is a tought race but a great time. Make sure you make it over to Twin Brook on the morning of Saturday, October 13th. Plus it supports a great cause. After finishing the run over the course, we headed over to the other side of the park for another few miles before calling it a great night. It is hard not to get out in the evenings up here and take advantage of the great weather we are having.

Yesterday and again today I got out at lunch to run the trails behind work. What a joy to have great trails right outside your office walls. It is very cool to find your self one minute sitting in an uninspiring chair and the next to be traipsing through the woods. Also I was lucky enough to be joined yesterday by a new trail runner and today by my partner in crime in the Freeport woods, Tom Tero. Both days I ran just over five miles and was constantly surveying the trails for a race course. Tom and I talked today about how cool it would be to put on a race on the trails. Ideally, we would have a five mile race next year on these trails, early in the season, to kick-off the L.L.Bean Maine Trail Running Series. It would be good to keep this a cheap, low-key affair. Maybe a $10 entry fee to cover a T-shirt. It would be pretty neat to start the "L.L.Bean series" on L.L.Bean trails. We'll first have to see how the Bradbury Bruiser goes.

So tomorrow I am taking a rest day and Saturday I will be back on the Bradbury Bruiser course. After running the course Saturday early AM, Kelly and I are heading over to do our volunteer committment for the Maine Marathon. I am also going to throw my hat in the ring for Sunday's race since I have done the race every year for the past three years and this will be my fourth consecutive. Plus I need miles for the Stone Cat Ale 50-mile Trail Race that's coming up in just over a month! And then I will put nail to wood and start constructing my shed! That should be fun after running a marathon!


Blaine Moore said...

Good luck this weekend. We already had plans to be out of town so I won't be able to help out or watch the race this year.

Tom T. said...

Hey, what's this "new trail runner" stuff? I was running trail races back when your biggest concern was chasing VA Tech Co-Eds.

No worries though, it's all good.

tom t. said...

Ooops, just re-read it and it looks like you were referring to someone else.

I hope to be at the Craig Cup race but my son's soccer game might get in the way.