Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bradbury Bruiser Eve

It is the eve of the Bradbury Bruiser (too late to sign up online but you can sign up in the morning at the park). Yesterday Ian and I met at Bradbury in the early morning hours to survey the course and mark it for the final time. There was some damage done through the week from falling leaves and from a nearby resident who apparently took offense at the marking we left on the course. Last Sunday we raked and marked the Lanzo trail and I am guessing that a person who resides nearby and who complained about the markings took it upon himself to remove the tape. This left me quite perturbed for a few reasons: 1. this resident owes me the $3 for the tape, 2. he owes me for my and Kelly's time we spent out there marking, and 3. I want to know how much said resident has given to the park since he has been using it. My guess is this jerk does not even pay the $3 park fee when he uses the trails, while we are putting on this race (thus the markings) which will result in a nearly $2,000 donation. Match that and I have no problem with him removing our tape. Otherwise leave it alone and call me if you have a problem. The park has our information.

At any rate, we did mark the whole course and rake again. All told, we have put in close to 10 hours of raking time. Yesterday I had my wife and brother (visiting from VA) raking the Lanzo trail while Chuck Hazzard and myself raked and marked the "O" trail. Ian rode the course on his bike and marked and cleaned the rest. We are all feeling really good about the race and it is near go time! The race is going to be great. I have talked to so many runners who are both first timers and veterans and they are all pumped about the race. And these are all runners I have not met previously. The weather is looking to be perfect for both runners and spectators. I hope to see you out there in the morning!


Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog, so inspriring in many ways! My husband and I are both signed up for the race tomorrow and looking forward to it! I'm a a plugger and my husband is a middle of the packer. He is also doing the Stone Cat. We appreciate all the work you have put into the race over the past few months! Good luck tomorrow, everything will be great!

UltraFlash said...

Thanks for reading. I am very happy you find my musings and reports inspiring. It is great for me to hear from people that read my blog. Of even more importance, is you and your husband's entry into the Bruiser and your husband's Stone Cat attempt. Thank you and best of luck to you tomorrow!