Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nothing much to report

Sorry to report that there is nothing much to report. I took a couple days off after the marathon, partially to recover and partially to hold off the cold that is trying to take root in me. I did get out yesterday for a nice, easy 5 miler. Speaking of colds, yesterday my motivation was low but I figured correctly that a run would right the ship and make me feel better. I arrived in the locker room as Ethan and Tom were suiting up and I communicated that I was only up for an easy, slow run given all my issues. Tom replied, sniffingly, by cursing his cold shortly before Jim arrived cursing his. Boy were we a sorry sight. Jim and I were throwing around alibis to excuse our slow pace in advance while Tom was talking a speed workout (despite his cold) to work of his anger at his computer. And Ethan was Ethan, fast. The only speed he knows.

So we all set out and almost immediately Ethan and Tom took off from me and Jim. That was fine with us. Jim and I had a nice run that suited both our constitutions and returned to the office in no worse shape than we left. Shortly afterwards Tom arrived (Jim and I had cut off three quarters of a mile or so) and Ethan not too much later after leaving Tom to add on a little more distance. It pays to be fast.

Today I was off due to a commitment that made me arrive late to work. I did, however, get in a wiffle ball game after work...The Inventory Sluggers vs. the Finance Four Baggers. We got beat but it was fun nonetheless. Exercise is exercise. Hope to hit the roads/trails again tomorrow and Bradbury this weekend.

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