Monday, July 21, 2008

2008 Vermont 100 completed

Early Sunday morning I completed my second 100-mile endurance run. The Vermont 100 took me almost exactly one hour longer this year than last year but to say I am disappointed would be a lie. I am ecstatic with my time given the high temps and humidity and other environmental conditions, and the lessons learned were numerous. I can not wait for my next 100 to build on this experience. The results have been posted on the Vermont 100 website. Please note that the 100K results are include so you'll have to ignore any runners with bib numbers in the 400s. I do not know my overall placement but my overall time was 21 hours and 8 minutes.

While I plan on writing a more extensive race report in the next few days (no, it won't take three months like last time, and I do promise brevity), I want to give a shout out to a few key people from the weekend. First, thank you to my wife, Kelly, and kids, Quinn and Riley, for all their help. Kelly was instrumental in pulling everyone's tent site back together after the storm hit us Saturday afternoon (our tent had a tree laying across it). Next, thanks to Brian for his excellent pacing and to his family for their support. Next, thanks to Pops and Boo Boo for helping with the kids and for their excellent crewing, all day and all night. Lastly, thanks goes to Frank (google "Rawfood Frank"), with whom I ran almost half the race and learned tons of great nutritional stuff, and my great buddy Jamie with whom I ran about 71 miles. Thanks for all the help. This race would have not been nearly as fun without one of you.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You looked great out there. And your children are absolutely beautiful! Jamie is always telling me how cute they are. I'm glad I finally got to meet them!

mindy said...

Congrats Stephen. Way to beat the heat and still bring home a killer time. The scenery is amazing! I can't wait to hear all the details. Way to go!!!!

Jamie said...

Words can't express how much fun I had running that first 71 miles with you. Great job bud! See you Friday.

Frank said...

Thanks for keeping me charged up in the early part of the race. You and Jamie kept my spirits high and helped time go by. Great finish!

sn0m8n said...

Awesome! Great work in those nasty conditions. Congrats!

UltraFlash said...

thanks to you all. my race report should be a little more timely than the three months it took last year. look for something in the next couple days (tour de france keeps getting in the way - damn alps).

rebecca said...

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