Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kelly, Team in Training, Western States, and Krupicka

I'm really starting to get used to not needing a car to get to work. The weather this week has been fantastic, which has made it hard not to want to get to work in any other way than a car. I have got in some pretty good bike rides to and from work and a couple really good runs to work. These runs take just under 1:50 and measure just shy of 14.5 miles. To get in almost two hours of running in before work ever starts really sets the rest of the day up well. It is a good feeling knowing that you got a good workout in before life takes over and places demands on you that provide many excuses as to not to run. After last weeks high mileage (just shy of 80), at least for this full time working dad, this week is a little lighter. I am planning on a nice 4-5 hour run at Bradbury Mountain State Park this Saturday, followed by the Bradbury Scuffle 6 Mile Trail Run on Sunday. Kelly and I are both running and I am looking forward to seeing how she likes her introduction to trail running.

Speaking of Kelly, she as taken on the task of training with and raising money for Team in Training. Her end goal, besides the ultimate goal of fighting cancer, is to run for the second time the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco. I am especially looking forward to this as I can in a very little way return all the help she has given me by being her training crew and by going out with her to San Fran as a spectator. I am really looking forward to watching others endure a long distance race. It's gonna be fun. Please check out her fundraising page and give if you can. Here is the link: Kelly's Team in Training website. Thank you Kelly.

This week I have spent some time watching the Western States 100 documentaries Jamie lent me. I have watched these with conflicting emotions: on the one hand disappointed that I won't be running and on the other hand excited that I can participate as a pacer (and happy I won't have to climb the Devil's Thumb in 100 degree weather). It is funny that I am more nervous about pacing Jamie at WS 100 than I am about running my own 100 in Vermont in July. This is because if I mess up in Vermont it is only myself that I let down; if I screw up in the Sierra Nevada it is my buddy I am letting down. It is scary being a pacer. I have a newfound respect for all pacers, and especially the crew who selflessly care for their runner. Thank you crew.

I am excited for Jamie and am sure he is going to break 24 and bring home a big, nasty silver belt buckle!

And finally tonight I watched the documentary Indulgence featuring Anton Krupicka with Kelly and Riley (who we are slowly and surely grooming into a little runner). During this film Riley told us she wanted to run but needed Orange, Pink, and Green running shorts. Where this stuff comes from I have no idea. Anyhow, the flick was enjoyable. Krupicka is purely a runner and makes no bones about it. He doesn't apologize for sleeping in late, running most of the day, and when he isn't running just being lazy. Good for him. Here is a guy who simply runs because he loves doing it. And he does it more than most. Covering 200 miles and spending 30 hours a week on trails running is something that not many of us can do. He can do this because he has stripped away (or never taken on) all the stuff that holds many of us back. He's also young and taking advantage of what he loves. My hats off to him and I really hope he does well at Western States 100 this year. I will say I disagree with his stance on Dean Karnazes. Like many others in the Ultra scene, Krupicka labels Dean as a product of mass media and marketing. I still think that running nonstop over 300 miles, for a good cause, is pretty incredible. Do I think taking on a moniker like Ultramarathon man is a little over the top and driven by marketing decisions? Yes. But Dean has and continues to inspire many to run and just get out the door, which Krupicka takes great pride in doing himself, so I think we should simply "run our own race" and let Dean run his. It's all about the karma!

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Jamie said...

I'm sure there's not much I can say to alleviate any nervousness with pacing... I felt the same way when pacing James at Massanutten last month. But still, I'll say it, there's nothing to worry about. We're going to have a blast out there! I can't thank you enough for being my pacer, and look forward to returning the favor someday.

Krupika is the man! I'm picking him not to just win Western States, but set a course record as well.